Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket
Cooling Jacket

Cooling Jacket

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Our Cooling Jacket is perfect for the summer. You won't shed an ounce of sweat with this on!

The 2 cooling fans will make sure that you can handle the harshest of heat. So whether your working on a construction site or camping in the great outdoors our jacket has got you covered. 


  •  Circulating Air Supply: In a matter of seconds your whole torso will be feeling the cooling effects of the jacket
  • Machine Washable: water temperature 40 °C. Do not dry clean or iron. (Remove the fan when cleaning)
  • Sweat Reduction: The powerful fan provides air flow to help evaporate sweat effectively from your body and keep you cool. 
  • USB Charging: Equipped with USB fast charging 
  • 9 Fan Blades: With 4700 RPM it will keep you so cool that you won't even realise it is summer 
  • Long Battery Life: With a 9-16 hour battery life it is perfect for all occasions.  
  • Low Noise: We designed our jackets for the quietest of settings. 


Why Is This A Thing?

We found that during the summer months many people with separate issues suffer from the heat.

For example, we found that the elderly find it very difficult to enjoy the summer so this jacket will be perfect for them. 

Also, people who have labour intensive jobs find it very hard to work the long hours that is required of them in the summer so this jacket can help them to work their job as if it was the winter.

Is It Loud?

We designed our jacket with practicality in mind. The sound of the fans do make some noise but in our testings, we found it to be minimal when outside.

 What Size Suits Me?

Though most customers have found that the jackets fit true to size we still recommend that you size up at least 1. This is because when wearing the jacket it will inflate once it has turned on which can constrict your movement if it is too small.


  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Working Voltage: 7.4V
  • Input: DC8.4 V - 1200 mA
  • Output Power: MAX 15W
  • Supply Power: Lithium Battery (Included)
  • Battery Capacity: 4400 mAh
  • Features: Comfortable, Soft, Quick Dry, Cooling
  • Battery Size: 7.1cm x 8.7cm x 2.2cm/2.80" x 3.43" x 0.87" (Approx.)